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How do I pay my property in Spain?

If you buy a new build house you just have to pay  3000€ in advanced by reservation and within two weeks the rest of the 10%. Other payments are in consult with the builder or the bank if you need a loan. A resale or bankbargain is different, then you just pay the 3000€ in advanced and the rest of the 10% within 15 days. The other  90% must be paid by the transfer of the house.

Are there extra costs when I buy a property ?

You should count on 8% costs for taxes above the price of the house.

Which properties does Immoviper sell ?

Immoviper  sells all sort of properties in Spain, New build, resales but also bankbargains.

How long takes the buying proces for a house?

This depends from the state of building of the house you buy. A Key Ready property , resale or bankbargain takes about three months.

Do I need a lawyer if I want to buy a property? 

For a resale it is advised to use a financial advisor . He checks if there’s any debt on the house left and if all the permits are in order. He also does all the preparatory work for the notary, translations and can assist  you to applying for your NIE number and with the possibility of replying to become a resident.

How I become a resident in Spain?

Can i take my animals with me to Spain?

If they have got the necessary injections, then you can take them with you to Spain, that is no problem.

Can I get a mortgage in Spain?

Spanish banks can give mortgages till 70% with a maximum duration of 25 years and the maximum age of 75 years old.